Sunday, September 21, 2008

A Little Bit about Flom, Minnesota

Flom is located in the southeastern part of Flom Township, sections 27-28, the Village of Flom was settled at a very early date. A small grocery store (trading post) was run by N.E. Nelson as early as 1880. Some of the very old pioneers have passed on the facts concerning the choosing of the name of Flom for the township and small inland town. At the time of organization, the name of Brenden was, of course, the logical choice because the village had been built on one corner of the Brenden farm. However, it was found that this was so similar to that of another town that it was rejected. The township was then named for one of its most prominent and best know citizens, Hans E. Flom. Soon after, Melvin Kleven, Henry Vehle and Hans Skansgaard began making plans for building a store. This was the first business firm in Flom. Flom soon became a thriving inland village with several small business places being established, all of which are roots from the seeds of ambition and faith sown by our first pioneers, who got the little town going.
In 1902, John Brenden built a small store on the east side, which also had a meat market. This building was located to the south of Hartz store. Mr. Brenden later sold to Martin Peterson. The small one-room school was built at the site of the present Clinton Rishovd residence. When they decided to build a new school, they moved the one-room school north of Brenden's Store.
In 1926 or 1927, local farmers joined forces and brought teams and wagons to haul gravel for the street. Now there was a well-graveled street, clean and free of mud, and mud it was, expecially in the spring. A word of appreciation and thanks was little for the time and work involved. The businessmen also worked with shovels to help level and spread the gravel. The ladies in town prepared dinner and lunches and served them to the men in the Implement building. In 1959, the street was redone again when the road north out of town was graded and tarred to Hwy. 113 and also a mile south to the Becker County line.
April or March was always the time set for Farmer's Market Day. The stores had specials that day and also furnished a free sack lunch for everybody. The lunch was donated by the businessmen of Flom. The public auction was held on the southeast corner of town across from the Feed Mill. Anyone could bring articles to sell-livestock, machinery, household items, furniture and other assorted items. The free sack lunch was the highlight of the day, especially for the kids. It was also the day for the first ice cream cones of the season. Ice cream was considered only a summer treat in those days. When the first ice packed canvas bags came in the restaurant, Fred Hanson treated the kids to a free ice cream cone. Vanilla was the only flavor they had at that time. The village of Flom is one of the busiest inland towns. A tremendous amount of activity has taken place here. At one time Flom was referred to as "Little Chicago".