Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Flom Township Pioneers

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This picture is quite interesting. Aaron and Arvid Swenson had a copy of it. We have had lots of help in trying to identify the people on the whole picture. This is just half of it. We were told that it was taken at the Wild Rice Parsonage. Rev. Opdahl liked to go fishing, when he caught lots of fish, he would invite some of the old pioneers over for a fish fry. We are not 100% sure on the names of some of the people but have tried our best to identify everyone.
Back row, left to right: Lars Morland, John Swenson Aas, Martin Kirkeby, Omon Olson, Hans Kaushagen, Sjur Stundahl, Gullak Flom, Kari Flom, Mrs. Opdahl, Rev. Opdahl. Front Row, left to right: K. Bjerkland, Magli Larson, Annie (Benson) Underdahl, ??, Anne Ostenvik, Jorgina Ostenvik, Anne Nelson, Ingeborg Otterness and Marit Lien.
This is the second half of the picture.
Back row, left to right: Ole Sannan, Guri Nysetvold, John Nysetvold, John Jenson, John Ommodt, Knudt Thompson, Peter Rue and
Albert B. Peterson. Front Row, left to right: Marit Sannan, Raden Weim, Kari Morck, Amelia Jenson, Annie Ommodt,
Anna Thompson, Gunhild Rue and Christina Peterson.