Monday, September 22, 2008

Flom Mutual Fire Insurance Company

Farmers of the townships of Flom, Home Lake, Wild Rice and Fossum, Norman County Minnesota assembled at the schoolhouse in School District No. 36 of said county, on the 17th day of May, 1886, for the purpose of organizing a Farmers Insurance Company, to insure against loss and damage by fire and lightning.
Nils Nilson was chosen Chairman and G.O. Lund as Secretary. All present were in favor of organizing and to insure only against loss and damage by fire and lightning. Four men were appointed to make up Articles of Incorporation and By-laws, namely John Narum, P.S. Olson, G.O. Lund and Albert Peterson. They met again two times before they had enough persons for the signing of the Articles and By-laws. The name chosen for the company was Flom Mutual Fire Insurance Company with the business office to be located in the town of Flom. The following men were the original signers:R. Grutle, Henry Benson, John Homelvig, Nils Nilson, E.L. Tomtengen, O.T. Rogen, P. Helle , C. Olson, P.O. Valer, N.O. Mithun, Ole Kallerud, M.L. Akre, Martin Johnson, C.J. Dalhaug, Elling Flom, Erick Hembre, A.B. Peterson, P.H. Aamoth, K. Jacobson, K.O. Brenden, J.O. Valer, Jens Urdahl, Hans E. Flom and G.O. Lund.

Names of the first Board of Directors were

  • E.L. Tomtengen
  • President G.O. Lund
  • Secretary Henry Benson
  • Treasurer P.H. Aamoth
  • O.A. Overli
  • John Homelvig
  • Hans Urdahl
Incorporation date was June 6, 1887. The newly organized Flom Mutual Fire Insurance Company was ready for work as soon as the insurance blanks would be printed. The Annual Report of that year showed 63 policies in force and a total fire loss of only $5.00.