Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Flom School

The Flom School was organized July 28, 1885. At first it was a one-room schoolhouse which later was moved uptown and used as a meat market.
The new schoolhouse soon became a two-room school as the enrollment became too large. At one time there were 76 pupils enrolled. When the school districts were first organized, the school term consisted of five months. There were 2 1/2 months in the Spring Term. The subjects taught were reading, writing, arithmetic, and spelling. Later, geography, history, grammar, and physiology were added to the curriculum.
At first the schools were named by a family name as they donated the land on which the school was built.
The earliest records avaiable show that Ole Thorson was clerk and Andrew Rogen was chairman of the school board in 1914. Mr. Lochrem was the first teacher.
Other teachers who have taught at the Flom school as far as records show were the following: Ella Finley, Ida Larson, Lisa Flom, Nora Qualley, Alice Anderson, Hans Flom, Emma Midthune, Borghild Larson, Clara Stenseth, Elenora Tomtengen, Olga Flom, Martha Qualley, Hannah Moe, Agnes Holden, Dr. Meighen, Kaija Carlson, Sarah Downs, Ida Knoff, Ida Clemenson, Florence Dwyer, Eleanora Erickson, Ingeborg Bottolfson, Merle Sherman, Mrs. Francis Fossen, Eldora Stende, Mrs. Emil Meyer, Bernice Dalhaug, Maude Juelson, Alma Dahlen, Marilyn Stende, Emma Erion, Imogene Buchholz, Winnifred Daniels, Signe Sakrismo, Mrs. Orville Engebretson, Valborg Holte, Betty Lovejoy and Ramona Kraft.
Later in years it was voted to consolidate with the Twin Valley school. The Twin Valley school did not have the room at the time to accommodate all the students. The junior high school students went to Twin Valley, and the first through sixth graders were transported to Flom. The exchange of pupils took place by the Wild Rice church.
In 1954 the Flom school was closed. The building was sold to Clinton and Marie (Storbeck) Rishovd and for several years was their home in Flom. They moved to Detroit Lakes and sold the school to John Jaeger and it has since burned down.